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We believe in building lasting relationships with our clients, as well as with our preferred business partners, to provide an exceptional experience for everyone. With decades of experience, REMI Construction strives on integrity, trust, and honesty to ensure a smooth and exciting experience for all parties involved. We specialize in building new construction homes, kitchen/bathroom remodeling, flooring, room additions, and any home projects you may need. Contact us today for a free quote! 

About Us

Michael started his career at an early age with our local police department and retired after 20 years. While serving our community, he also ran a successful construction company on his days off. He’s built REMI Construction on the same integrity and trust to ensure each customer receives ultimate respect and consideration.

With decades of experience, Michael’s resume has a vast number of expertise in all trades (roofing, flooring, remodeling, etc.). From building new construction homes, to renovating historic homes in Springfield, he can assist in any home project you need – including exterior work like decking and fencing jobs, as well. Contact him today for a free quote. 

Michael Taylor 
Certified Residential Contractor
Lic. CRC1332776

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    Disclaimer: REMI Realty LLC and REMI Construction Inc have common ownership and are doing business as two separate entities with no commissions and/or referrals paid to each other for joint marketing efforts. Both entities are doing business separately as REMI Realty LLC and REMI Construction Inc. For more information, please contact us (904) 307-8798.